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PIM Volume 2

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PIM - Volume 2
material selection and product design fundamentals

Plastic Injection Molding - material selection and product design fundamentals is for anyone interested in designing a plastic product and/or selecting the proper material for one. This is Volume 2 of the PIM (Plastic Injection Molding) Fundamentals series written by Douglas M. Bryce, plastic injection molding expert, trainer, and consultant.


Just look at some of the subjects covered in this new softcover book:


Understanding the molding process, Language of plastics, Reinforcements and fillers, Basic material properties, Applications for specific materials, Determining molding costs, Secondary operations, Testing and failure analysis, Determining product requirements, Product Design considerations, Selecting a vendor, Prototype review.


Includes a 44 item Product Design checklist, developed by Mr. Bryce, that anyone can use to ensure important items have been considered for every product.


Also includes a detailed Vendor Qualification Form that can be used to determine easily whether or not a vendor is capable of responding to your needs.



PIM Volume 2 - Sample

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