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PIM Volume 4

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PIM - Volume 4
manufacturing startup and management

Plastic Injection Molding – manufacturing startup and management, is the final volume of the PIM 4-volume series and is devoted to the activities required for starting and managing a new molding facility (either custom or proprietary) or expanding a new molding facility.


This book covers site selection, building layout, determining equipment requirements, calculating investments, computing manufacturing costs and expenses, staffing requirements, quality control procedures, and other subjects related to the startup, procurement, or expansion of an injection molding facility.


If you have any interest in owning or managing a plastic injection molding shop this is the book for you. Experts and novices alike will gain tremendous knowledge from this publication.


This book is written by Douglas M. Bryce, a recognized lifetime expert, trainer, and consultant in the field of plastic injection molding.



PIM Volume 4 - Sample

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